An innovative device for skin rejuvenation.

Thanks to fractional laser resurfacing, slowing the hands of time has become a lot easier. Fractional laser resurfacing can correct pigmentation concerns such as age spots and discoloration, treat precancerous lesions such as actinic keratosis, improve scars, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance the overall radiance and texture of the skin. It’s no wonder this treatment method is the darling of beauty editors and celebrities across the world for its skin health and rejuvenating benefits.

How it works.

Fractional laser resurfacing delivers remarkable improvements to skin texture and tone without the discomfort and recovery associated with ablative lasers. The innovative way laser energy is delivered into the skin is what sets fractional laser treatments apart. The laser beam is broken up into thousands of columns that create micro-wounds deep within the skin to activate the renewal process. Skin texture is noticeably smoothed, enlarged pores are refined, and new collagen is synthesized, giving the skin a renewed and vibrant appearance. Some redness and swelling occurs immediately following the procedure. Over the period of a week, the skin feels rough and flaking occurs. As the treated cells come to the surface and shed away, fresh and incredibly smooth skin is revealed.

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