It's time to get smooth.

laser hair removal

Generally the fall and winter months signals a time when we can take a break from—let’s face it—the tedious and endless task of removing unwanted hair. This year, it’s time to do things differently…it’s time to get permanently smooth.

A series of treatments with the GentleMax Pro laser—the gold standard in laser hair removal that’s safe for all skin types—can have you hair-free just in time for spring and summer 2017.

Each treatment session targets and eliminates the hair germ cell in its first stage of hair growth so that it does not regrow. The key is to time your sessions 8 to 12 weeks apart in order to catch each hair within this important phase of growth, so beginning a laser hair removal program in the fall and winter months is ideal to be fuzz-free for the warmer months ahead.

Treatments are fast and comfortable, with minimal redness and swelling lasting for a few hours following the session. The good news is–the skin irritation and ingrown hairs that can arise from waxing and shaving are no longer an issue.

If you’re tired of the tedium, discomfort and time invested in waxing, shaving or epilating unwanted hair, it’s time to put laser hair removal on your to-do list. Contact us to schedule a treatment today.