The trusted solution to smooth expression lines.

Looking rested and refreshed encapsulates the youthful vitality we all wish to project. Over time, repeated facial expressions can result in the development of permanent wrinkles, some of which may cause us to look stressed or tired, even when we feel otherwise. Neuromodulator treatments such as BOTOX® and Juvederm® provide a simple and highly effective solution to ease frown lines and crow’s feet for a rejuvenated appearance.

How it works.

A wrinkle relief treatment with BOTOX® gently relaxes the intended facial muscles to soften the dynamic movements which assert expression lines. When skillfully applied, a neuromodulator treatment respects normal facial animations for a balanced and natural-looking result. The effect of the wrinkle relief treatment emerges over a period of days and lasts between three and six months, with follow-up required to maintain results. Repeat treatments have been shown to reduce the depth of existing wrinkles over time. Fresno patients may also opt for treatments with BOTOX® as an age prevention measure.

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