A non-invasive skin cancer prevention treatment with perks.

Californians are known for our sunny dispositions—and what’s not to smile about when we live in such a beautiful place? Although our climate provides us with ample mood-enhancing sunshine, the skin cancer risk sun exposure poses can put a damper on things. Fortunately, in Photodynamic Therapy, Fresno patients find a non-invasive skin cancer prevention treatment with additional skin health perks. Now that’s something to smile about.

How it works.

A Photodynamic Therapy treatment involves a topical application of a photosensitizing agent. Subsequently, a therapeutic wavelength of light activates this agent to produce a form of oxygen within the skin. Both visible and yet-visible skin damage are selectively targeted; surrounding happy skin cells are left untreated. Photodynamic Therapy is indicated to seek and destroy precancerous and cancerous lesions, kill microbial cells—like acne-causing P. acnes bacteria—and help reverse sun damage that leads to wrinkles, skin laxity and uneven skin tone. Your provider will design a treatment to address your specific concerns and suggest complementary treatments to enhance the results.

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