Instant results for smooth, bright and clear skin.

Beautifully soft and smooth skin is something we all strive to maintain. Despite our best efforts with at-home exfoliation treatments, skin congestion and dullness can take hold. A quick and easy solution to this dilemma can be found in a professional chemical peel, which provides a remarkable boost to skin texture and radiance. Regular chemical peel treatments can help patients maintain smooth, even, clear and youthful-looking skin with no downtime.

How it works.

A chemical peel treatment involves the application of a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to detach the surface layer of dead skin cells. Macias Dermatology provides Vi Peel treatments that are formulated to diminish the appearance of discoloration from sun damage, melasma and acne scars, smooth fine lines, refine the appearance of pores, and prevent the formation of acne lesions. In addition to these benefits, chemical peels stimulate the cell renewal process, which increases collagen and elastin stores for firmer skin. After the 30-minute session, patients can anticipate some redness, followed by peeling, which occurs over the span of a week as the skin heals. An initial series of treatments achieves long-term improvements for the skin with sessions customized thereafter to maintain results.

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