Welcome to the new Macias Dermatology blog!

We are excited to share this forum for advanced skin care reviews, tips and expertise, and insider knowledge of the latest skincare innovations. Our aim is to help you navigate the often complex and confusing world of skin health and beauty, and equip you with the knowledge to make choices that are just right for you.

Some of the goals of the Macias Dermatology blog are:

  • To share current trends and technologies
  • To make plain what really works and why
  • To clarify what can sometimes be a complex and endless number of treatment options
  • To explore what is proven to work, and to shed light on which trends to avoid
  • To expand on safe skin practices, preventative strategies and how to achieve happy skin for now and always

A word from our fearless leader.

“At Macias Dermatology, we spend countless hours mastering our aesthetic craft to bring you the most innovative and effective treatments that truly transform your skin. We’re happy to share that knowledge and experience with you right here in our blog. Our sincere goal is to inspire you to be passionate about your skin. Thank you for choosing us to be our expert guides towards a beautiful complexion.” – Dr. Edgar Macias

We hope this blog space will serve to inform and help navigate you through your journey in caring for your skin in a healthy and highly effective manner. On that note, we hope to see you back here. Stay tuned!

Dear whoever read this,

We like you.