An injectable treatment to eliminate chin fat.

If only we could decide where fat is distributed on our body! A healthy diet and plenty of exercise can reduce the volume of the fat cells on our body, but in terms of where that fat lives, we have very little control. A genetic predisposition towards chin fat means that many people have to live with a double chin, regardless of their lifestyle choices. However, we have good news for Fresno and Central Valley patients who are bothered by this area of stubborn unwanted fat.

Introducing Kybella™.

Kybella™ is non-surgical treatment that eliminates fat under the chin with long lasting and satisfying results.

How Kybella™ works.

A series of medicated treatments are evenly administered by an expert injector along a mapped treatment area underneath the chin. There is some swelling and a mild burning sensation as the treatment acts on fat cells, the waste products of which are metabolized by the body. The medicated treatment targets and eliminates the unwanted fat over period of four weeks. Some patients may experience additional skin tightening benefits from their Kybella™ treatment.

If you you’ve been trying in vain to achieve a sleeker chin and jawline, we can help end the struggle without the need for surgery. Contact us to see if Kybella™ is right for you.