Medical facials for skin maintenance.

Summer skin is all about effortless beauty. This is especially true in the Central Valley of California, where the heat can wreak havoc on a perfect makeup application within minutes.

One of the best ways we know how to avoid this dilemma is by establishing a foundation of healthy skin. When our skin is well cared for, it looks radiant, and requires very little in the way of foundation and concealer which so readily melt away in the mid-morning heat.

At Macias Dermatology, our go-to treatments for summertime skincare maintenance are medical facials. Our staff of certified aestheticians customize treatments to address each individual’s specific needs.

What to expect from a medical facial.

  • Your skin will be refreshed with an exfoliant that relieve bumpiness and uneven texture. This superficial peel gives your skin a boost beyond what can be achieved with at-home skincare, but does not photosensitize your skin during the sun-filled summer days.
  • Hydration levels that become compromised with the sun and heat are restored.
    The overall tone of the complexion is improved through a relaxing face massage that brings oxygenated blood to the upper layers of the skin.
  • Optimal skin functions and cell renewal are activated by medical-grade concentrated serums and masques.

Integrating these treatments into your monthly routine will do wonders for the texture and vitality of your skin long term, and provide that covetable summer glow—no highlighter necessary. To learn more about our medical facials, or to arrange an appointment, call 559.431.2397 or email to book your appointment.