Who doesn’t look forward to a pampering experience at the spa? While a facial can do wonders to refresh the skin, lasting improvements often require further steps in the medical aesthetic arena, such as chemical peels and laser treatments. The thought of the recovery time associated with these treatments—not to mention the temporary redness and peeling skin—can  cause many of us to put off taking these steps, even if it means living with skin concerns that bother us.

If this sounds all too familiar, then a microneedling treatment is an ideal solution for you.


  • Is more comfortable than it sounds. The needles that are used are extremely small and create nearly invisible pricks in the skin.
  • Stimulates your skin’s wound-healing response, which leads to collagen synthesis. This yields firmer skin with softened wrinkles, smoothed scars and fewer fine lines.
  • Activates cell renewal which fades age spots and skin discolouration such as post-inflammatory acne scars.
  • Poses no risk with regards to heat and UV exposure, which are common considerations with laser treatments.
  • Has minimal recovery time. The skin may present mild swelling and redness over the treatment area that is easily concealed if so desired. Generally, the skin looks vibrant and refreshed after a microneedling treatment.

At Macias Dermatology, our registered nurse Halli Bisla specializes in microneedling, often combining it with platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy to enhance the cell regeneration benefits. If you’re ready to see exceptional improvements in the quality and health of your skin, it’s time to put microneedling on your to do list.

To learn more about microneedling or to arrange an appointment with Halli, contact us today.